Keep your Car Battery at its peak performance with simple tricks suggested by PartsAvatar Car Parts Canada!!

So are you keeping your car’s battery in proper form? If you don’t know how to, then check out some maintenance tips that could prolong your car battery’s life!!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Canadian auto parts supplier.


It’s time for some maintenance job! During the cold winter month, your car battery is most prone to failure. Do you know how to revive it?

A little care and regular maintenance can save you a lot of your time and cash too. We know that automotive batteries have a finite life span. Poor electric conditions and unscheduled service make it more difficult for even a good battery to do its job.

Check out the simple tips to maintain your car’s battery for a good output! You can also buy battery chargers at online auto parts stores at affordable prices.

Use battery charger or maintenance kit

Batteries often tend to lose their charge when they sit idle. When you decide to use it again for the spring, you are just facing a lifeless battery. Make sure to charge batteries every six weeks, to get maximum output out of them.

But leaving a charger connected for the whole season is also a bad idea as it is going to shorten its life. You can buy battery maintainers that are designed to be left on for the entire off season. They monitor the voltage and automatically adjust the charge to avoid overcharging.

Skip Heated Garage

Make sure that your garage is thoroughly insulated. It will help keep your car battery warm even in harsh winter season. Make sure you are not using heated garages. They will rust your car and you will have another car care job ahead due to your negligence.

Keep your battery clean


Car battery corrosion is a major contributor to the degraded performance and shortened life expectancy of car batteries.

If there is enough corrosion built up for it to show up as even a small layer of white or bluish fuzz on the car battery terminal, the electrical consequences are already building.

Proper battery maintenance will keep corrosion at a minimum without having to purchase anything. You can also use baking soda to scrub them clean using an old toothbrush and a mixture of 3 tablespoons baking soda and 1 tablespoon of warm water. Wipe them off with wet towel and then dry with another towel.

You can also buy battery cleaners or liquids available in auto parts stores if you don’t know how to clean terminals yourself.

Insulate the car battery

Proper insulation of car battery can protect the battery from excessive heat and excessive cold. You can insulate a battery either by insulation wrap or with the help of a battery box that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

If you can’t insulate your garage, you can try getting your car battery insulated instead. It is quite economical method and helps in keeping it working properly.

Use solar charger

You can use another inexpensive method to charge the battery of your car i.e. solar chargers. Solar chargers are becoming quite popular and it is because of the convenience they create. As you drive, the solar charger will be charging your car battery and the best thing is that as long as you connect your battery to it, your battery cannot die simply because the car has not been driven for a while.

It is both economical since you use sun which is free source of energy and also its environmental friendly. Make sure a solar charger for your car should be powerful enough for reliability and this means its power output has to be very high.

Add Distilled water

Gently pry off the covers of the car battery cells. The water and the electrolyte should be about ½ inch deep or to the bottom of the fill hole.

Use clean distilled water, if it needs water. Make sure the cells are not overfilled and then inspect the battery case for cracks. After adding water, let the water mix with the electrolyte for few hours before moving further.

Flush any spilled acid water mixture with fresh water and then put the vent caps back on the battery.

Water evaporates quickly in warm weather, so add water more frequently in summers.

Using petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion in winter

Battery always dies in cold winter. Low temperature increases the electrical resistance and thickens the engine oil, making the battery work harder.

Corrosion on the terminals also increases resistance. So before winter starts, you can disconnect the battery terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect and smear them with petroleum jelly. It will help reduce corrosion and will keep the battery cranking all winter long.

Loose battery connections

If your battery is wobbling around, it could tip over. A loose battery connection bashing against the engine parts is not a good thing. Keep the battery tray clean and secure the connections. Make sure battery sits correctly.

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